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We make passionately produced quality products globally accessible.

To help manufacturers to delight many customers in the world with their gorgeous products.

Our services

We make quality products globally available. So many lovely products stuck in their local markets only due missing sales or marketing power. We help small manufacturers from all over the world to get access into new markets with high purchase power with a focus on GSA (Germany, Swiss, Austria) and Middle East.

Our established network offers well-known and unlikely places; the latter are often the door opener to big players, generated by intensive pulls from convinced consumer groups that are reached first on particular unlikely places.




We exclusively distribute products in German speaking countries and in the Middle East through our established network of distribution channels.




In addition to traditional wholesale/retail distribution we developed Online and B2B marketing and distribution strategies.




We help to define/refine a product positioning and derive the right marketing and distribution approach for the respective target markets.

About us

We are team of people passionate for any kind of products with good design, delicious taste or great usability. Although we are often in different timezones and spread around the world, we share the same common values. They represent a standard on ourselves and at the same time a promise to the outside. It’s also a prerequisite to our partners we work with.



Build open and honest relationships

with all our partners. And communicate. We clearly say what we can do and what we can’t do. Sometimes we openly admit that we don’t know exactely how to do it, but then will try always our best.


Be creative and open-minded

the „right way“ is not always a blueprint and lies often besides the usual paths. Each product is different and so is its perception in different markets. That’s why “creative” approaches might be appropriate.



Be reliable and humble

we talk the talk and walk the walk. We don’t see negotiations as a sport where we must “win”. We search for agreement and not contradiction. A collaboration must always be balanced.


Have fun and don’t be afraid of foibles

we enjoy what we are doing and are not afraid to look intentionally a little “silly”. So don’t worry if you see us performing karaoke in a Santa Claus costume in the middle of July.



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